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I Will Teach You How I Turned $50 To N500,000 In 25days On Facebook!

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Is it true that I actually generate N500, 000 using $50?
The answer is YES!

FIND OUT HOW? On this Post.
I have used it over and over again, and the principle works!


In this PROGRAMM we are OFFERING you with 3 OPTIONS

DOWNLOAD FREE TIPS  EBOOK on How to run a Successful Facebook Ad
This Free eBook is based on GENERAL IDEAS on how you can run a successful Ad on facebook.

LEARN IT (3 Days EMAIL Course)
With this Email Course, I will teach you how to Generate Sales Online especially on Facebool, I will show you STEP-BY-STEP on How I Turned $50 to N500,000 in just 25 Days on Facebook.
And also I will show the Real & Live samples that I used.

HIRE US (4hours/Day)
If you don’t have time or you want to work with us to help you setup your Online/Facebook Ad Campaigns, you can Hire Us and we will charge you with a minimum of 4hours per day with a minimum of 3 Working Days.

On this PAGE I will give One Secret here for FREE

But before I do that, below are the lists of all the secrets that I will teach you in this Email Course.

1. I Will Show You How I Generate A Killing Sales On Facebook
2. I Will Teach You The Psychology Of Selling On Facebook
3. How To Target The Right Audience
4. Selling Is About Numbers
5. I Will Teach You How I Turned $50 To N500, 000 In 25days On Facebook!
6. How To Find A Potential Customers And Real Customers
7. The Best Way To Connect Facebook With Your Website
8. The Best Way To Place A Call To Action
9. The Best Way To Create Your Facebook Advert
10. How To Use Other Social Media To Generate Sales
11. Then I Will Give Different Ways You Can Use To Sell Both Products & Services On Facebook
12. I Will Show You 100% Practical On How I Turned $50 To N500,000 On Facebook

Registration closing date is on 26th of Jan 2017

I Will Show You:
• What I Did
• How I Did It
• And The Real Live Sample Of What I Did (with Captured Photos)

Someone once asked me why I teach people how to make money, and my reply was like “I DON’T KNOW” I mean; it is natural for me to teach people anything that I know and what is working for me.
I design websites for a living, yet I teach other people 100% on how to design website. I also teach people on One-On-One Training on what I do for a living: like Graphic Designing, Website Designing & Online Marketing.
So don’t worry, I Will Teach You 100% of what I know and how I have used Facebook it to make sales over and over again.

For EMAIL COURSE on “How I Turned $50 to N500, 000 on Facebook in 25 Days “

• Registration closing date is on 26th of Jan 2017

*** FREE SECRET Number 4 ***


Selling on Facebook is very DIFFICULT but it can become very EASY if you know HOW?
And I promised to show you how I achieved that.

According to statistics in June 30 2016, we have about 16 millions of Nigerians users on Facebook.
At least 20% of them are your customers and that is about 3.2 millions.

But the big challenge is that:

1. You must know how to reach them
2. You must present your Products and Services to them in a right way to sell to them
3. You must design a strategy to convert them to become your customers

If all of the above challenges are solved, then you can make your great sales.

So how I turned $50 to N500, 000 on Facebook in 25days is very tough but it’s EASY because I DISCOVERED HOW TO CONVERT NUMBERS INTO CASH.

Let me make it simple for you.

I discovered how I can sell N1, 000 Services to 500 people in 25 days

And also How I Sold N5,000 Services to 100 People on Facebook = N500,000.

So the Mathematics is TOUGH to ACHIEVE but it is SIMPLE IF YOU KNOW HOW?


Simply SIGN – UP for this EMAIL COURSE on Social Media / Online Marketing

• Date 27th to 29th of Jan 2017
• Course fee : N2,500
• Registration closing date is on 26th of Jan 2017

Hire Us: N5,000: 4hours/Days (3 Days, 5 Days & 10 Days are Applicable)

Course Outlines:

Day 1:
How to generate Sales on Facebook (100% Practical example on How I generate sales on Facebook).

Day 2:
The Power of Social Media (How to use other social media: Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Youtube, etc to generate traffic and sales).

Day 3:
How to run a Successful Google Adword campaign. Inclusive: Introduction to SEO, Google Map Listing, Search Engine Submission, etc.


Why should you go for OPTION 2?
BECAUSE with OPTION 2, you can get additional value by Downloading the Free eBook.

Why should you go for OPTION 3?
BECAUSE with OPTION 3, you can enjoy all the benefits in OPTION 1 & 2.

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After payment:

SIGN UP for the Email Courses and Submit your Payment Details.
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After the email course, I will give you 360 Degree Support if you have any challenge generating sale on facebook using all that I will TEACH you in this email course.


For more Details & Advice; you can REACH me on:

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CALL ISRAEL on: 08134578528, 08138154439
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